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Kiss the Rings

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I’m back

Hey y’all. I know I’ve been missing for some time but I finally got a new laptop and have decided to start back up with this blogging shit.

For my much anticipated return by virtually nobody, what better topic to talk about than the Patriots and the NFL playoffs? That is why I am ranking the potential AFC opponents in order of their threat level to the Patriots. But believe me when I say this, if Patriots play like they’re capable of, I like their chances against each and every one of these teams.

1) Denver Broncos

Why they pose a threat: Their defense does a terrific job getting after the quarterback. They led the AFC this year in sacks with 52. Von Miller is arguably the defensive player of the year this season, and Elvis Dumervil is no bum either. In the secondary they have the wily ol veteran Champ Bailey, who while he isn’t quite the shutdown corner he once was, is still someone capable of making big plays. Their receiving core is led by the big and speedy Demarius Thomas and the shifty Eric Decker. Left tackle Ryan Clady is one of the best in the business. Denver atmosphere. 11 straight wins. Oh and almost forgot they have someone by the name of Peyton Manning under center.

Why they are beatable: Look at their opponents the last 11 games. Yea. Running game isn’t a huge threat. Secondary can be beat.

2) Cincinatti Bengals

Why the pose a threat: Shocker? Shouldn’t be. They get after the quarterback better than any AFC team not named Broncos. And they do it the way that gives Brady trouble. Brady laughs at edge pressure. Give him pressure in his face and don’t give him a chance to step up in the pocket is the only hope a team has in knocking him off his game. And look no further than Geno Atkins, arguably one of the more underappreciated defensive players in the game. His power allows him to bull rush right into the quarterbacks face. The rest of Cincinatti’s defense is solid as well. On offense, AJ Green is a matchup nightmare with his combo of size, speed, and hands (nh).

Gonna watch the game now. I’ll finish this shit later on…

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12 years ago today, one of the game’s best lyricists passed away. RIP Big Pun.

Pun and Dilla. 2 greats lost too soon. RIP

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10 years ago today. The game that jump started the Patriots dynasty. The Snow Game aka the “Tuck Rule”.


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2011 Awards

Sorry for the hiatus. But you know between finishing up college and searching for job (this economy SUCKS) I haven’t had much free time.

Anyways, here is some hip hop awards from 2011. First up is the 20 best hip hop albums. 20-15 are alphabetical, and 5-1 are ranked.

9th Wonder-Wonder Years

Action Bronson-Dr. Lecter

Apathy-Honkey Kong

Big K.R.I.T.-Return of 4 Eva

Black Opera-EnterMission

Common-The Dreamer/The Believer

Edo G-Face in the Crowd

Evidence-Cats + Dogs

Kendrick Lamar-Section.80


Pac Div-The Div

Pete Rock & Smif-n-Wessun-Monumental

Pharoahe Monch-W.A.R.

Raekwon-Shaolin vs. Wu Tang

Rasheed Chappell-Future Before Nostalgia


Saigon-The Greatest Story Never Told

Self Scientific-Trials of the Blackhearted

Shabazz Palaces-Black Up

Skyzoo-The Great Debator

Thurz-L.A. Riot

Vakill-Armor of God

5. Elzhi-Elmatic

I’m usually not one for rappers remaking classics. It’s too big a task for a rapper to try to outdue a classic. Classics are classics because the original artist made it so good that it is able to withstand time. And then when you decide to remake Illmatic, widely considered one of if not the greatest hip hop albums ever, you’re asking for trouble. But Elzhi, with the help of Will Sessions altering the Illmatic beats with some live band sounds, put his own Detroit twist on Nas’ classic album. What we got was one of the best hip hop tribute albums I’ve ever heard.

4. Phonte-Charity Starts at Home

The Little Brother member’s debut solo album does not disappoint. With alot of production from 9th Wonder and Krysis, this album has a smooth sound to it. Phonte shows his unique mixture of lyrical talent and flow as well as his singing ability throughout the album.

3. The Roots-Undun

The Roots have been consistently a major player in the hip hop game for 20 years. They have two legit classics in Illadelph Halflife and Things Fall Apart. While Undun is unlikely to reach the levels of those two albums, it is still an amazingly put together concept album about the rise and fall of a street hustler. Black Thought remains one of the dopest emcees of all time. And the rest of the legendary Roots crew provides smooth music to go along. The only two knocks I have are it is a very short album (about 30 minutes, with 5 or so of that being instrumentals.), and the lengthy lists of features made there be too little of Black Thought. While none of the features were bad, only Big K.R.I.T. (Make My) and Phonte (One Time) were the only two that I didn’t mind replacing Black Thought.

2. Torae-For the Record

The Young Veteran recruited the likes of DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Marco Polo, 9th Wonder, Large Professor, Nottz, Diamond D, Krysis, and !llmind to produce this album. With all those legendary producers, one wouldn’t be expected to outshine the production. But Torae more than holds his own along with these heavy hitters. Torae keeps it 100 in a game that nowadays tends to glorify fuckery. With the focus on real lyrics over the typical bullshit you hear in the club, this album is a must have.

1. Sean Price, Guilty Simpson, Black Milk-Random Axe

Raw in every form of the word. Much of the talk with collabs this past year revolved around The Throne (Jay-Z and Kanye West) and Bad Meets Evil (Eminem and Royce da 5’9). But it reality, it was these 3 that put out the best and realest collab album, let alone hip hop album period, of 2011. P and Guilty handle the majority of the rapping on the tracks, with Black and some other guests jumping on some of them. Black handles the production. What you end up with is an extremely raw record that might make you wanna punch someone (in a good way).

Overhyped and/or awful albums:

5. J Cole-Cole World

Why: Decent album. But was expecting more. Way too many songs strictly for ladies. Felt like I was listening to a better Drake album.

4. Drake-Take Care

Why: Fuck him and his emo ass. Lock his ass up in Marvin’s Room for good.

3. Lupe Fiasco-Lasers

Why: Terrible beats coupled with sell out lyrics from the former great lyricist. I understand alot of the sell out had to do with the record label, but still…There were a few decent tracks (All Black Everything was dope) but overall a very shitty album.

2. Lil Wayne-Carter 4

Why: The only 2 tolerable songs happened to be the ones he’s not on. Enough said. Oh and How to Love might be the worst song of 2011.

1. Jay-Z and Kanye West-Watch the Throne

Why: Only people that can relate to this are the same 1% that the Occupy people were protesting against. And let’s be honest, Hov hasn’t had a dope album since The Black Album. Ever since then has been down hill.

Hands down the worst album of 2011:

Gucci Mane & V-Nasty: Baytl

It’s not often that the completely wack Gucci sounds like Illmatic Nas. But V-Nasty may very well do just that. And the beats suck balls too.


Big K.R.I.T.

Kendrick Lamar

Schoolboy Q

Be on the lookout for more awards coming up!

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Krejci locked up

The Bruins have locked up center for 3 years @ 5.25 cap hit per year. Bit pricey, but Krejci is a very solid, though offensively streaky, center. When he’s on, as we saw in last season’s playoffs, he’s a bonafide #1 center. However, until he can improve his streakiness (when he’s off he can disappear offensively, and therefore so does his line), he’ll probably won’t be more than a very good #2 center. Not that that’s bad by anymeans. So while I’m not thrilled about the money, I am thrilled to have another core player locked up.

Next I want to see Bruins lock up Kelly (though wait until he cools off a bit. Right now his value is at the highest it will be), followed by Tuukka and Boychuk (both RFA).

Core (year they hit FA):

Krejci: 2015

Bergeron: 2014

Seguin: 2013

Lucic: 2013

Horton: 2013

Marchand: 2013

Peverly: 2015

Kelly: 2012

Chara: 2018

Seid: 2014

Boychuk: 2012

McQuiad: 2015

Thomas: 2013

Rask: 2012

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Kool G Rap & DJ Polo for you for Throwback Thursday. Road to the Riches. Another G Rap song coming up cause I couldn’t decide which to use and can’t put two in one post appartently…Damn tumblr.


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